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Meet our newest primates!
Pull these shorts over a snowsuit and schuss downhill, lickety-split! Much more fun than pulling a sled—sit down, and you’re off! You steer by shifting your weight. Foam-padded PVC seat is...

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6" Talking Pedro Doll
Here they come! … Straight from Preston, Idaho! A new kind of hero complete with sweet moon boots, skills that can't be topped, and friends that are out to prove they've got nothing to prove! Pedro is a fun, soft bodied clip-on talking dolls. Each 6 inch doll has 6 phrases taken straight from the hit movie. Flippin' Sweet! the Pedro doll say the following. "Do you think people will vote for me?" "If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true!" "Vote for Pedro" "do you think he's got a worm in here?" "think she’s hot?" And much, much more!