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Checkers - Shotglass Checkers is played much like traditional checkers with a few variations. The game pieces are represented by 24 shotglasses with their respective color. Before play, set up all sho...
Three lights in one box - "police light" strobe, disco colour ball and mirror ball. With the portable "Party-to-Go-Go" kit and some funky music you have everything you need for a rockin' party (well,...

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Desperate Housewives Game
Be the first player to uncover three "Secrets of Wysteria Lane." Players travel around the board picking up Secrets of Wysteria Lane cards, and each card will have a secret from the show such as "Who sent Mary Alice the blackmail note on purple paper?" or "Who thinks he killed Dana?". As players collect these cards, they also are collecting Caught Cards. The Caught Cards will identify a character from the show that may match the secret the player is holding. Once a player matches three different secrets with the correct character, they win!