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Welcome mat woven of coir, coconut husk fibers that are environmentally friendly, absorbent, durable, and superior for keeping dirt from tracking inside. Perfect for the mudroom, porch, or entryway.
This glass lamp has an iced rim, fruit garnish, colored straw, and a blue acrylic "liquid," filled with images of tropical fruit, to diffuse the light.

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Party To Go Light Set
Three lights in one box - "police light" strobe, disco colour ball and mirror ball. With the portable "Party-to-Go-Go" kit and some funky music you have everything you need for a rockin' party (well, nearly everything!). As the Disco Ball spins, it sends a myriad of colors around the room. As the police light turns, it sends a beam of light around the room. As the Mirror Ball rotates, it reflects whatever color light you shine at it, all around the room. Use all three together to create a "virtual disco" in any home. Turn up the music, turn on the Party-toGo-Go lights and enjoy the atmosphere! Requires 6 x AA Batteries (not included).