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Improves the taste of fine wines. When dipped into wine the patented metal alloy replicates the aging process. It softens tannins in young wines improving their taste. Developed and tested for over ...
Due to popular demand we’ve put our Aerating Funnel on it’s own storage stand. Designed to hold your funnel at the ready and catch errant drips when you’re done. Stainless steel so there’s no...

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Menu Light and Vintage Chart
Ever strain to read a menu or wine list in a dim restaurant? Or wish for extra light when reading a theater program? Menu Light is the slick trendy accessory that can solve both problems-and more! On the flip side it features a handy comprehensive vintage chart from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The featherweight design is a heavyweight when it comes to reliable powerful lighting. Just squeeze the card to activate. A super-bright bulb dome switch and mercury-free battery are encased in the waterproof vinyl package. Delivers light day-after-day-for up to 2 years. The credit-card sized device is just 3½x 2¼' and slips conveniently into a wallet shirt pocket or purse. Why not pick up a few extras for friends and business associates before your next restaurant visit?
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