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Coby CX-CD241BLK CD Boombox with AM/FM Tuner
If a visitor came to your door while you were out would you have any way of knowing? Now you do. Simply install the digital door cam to any door for the ultimate in security and peace of mind. Before ...

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Flat Face Atomic Clock with Thermometer
Like the simplicity of a no-frills timekeeper? You'll find it here in a flat faced minimalist alarm clock in silver and gray tones. And because it's radio-controlled, it receives the exact time form the U.S. Atomic Clock in ColoradaThere are no fancy buttons or doodads; it's easy to read and even the most hardened anti-tech man or woman will bless its lack of complicated operation. Tap the top for the blue EL backlight to see the time; you won't have a blue "eye" staring at you all night. It's also the way to snooze for 10 minutes longer. A quick look lets you know the temperature, in a range from 0o to 150o Fahrenheit. The calendar tells you the month, date and year and time in 12/24. Runs on 2AA batteries.
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